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IKAVA is an inter-municipal company, originally established on the 20. March 1990. In 2003 the company was made into a inter-municipal company, organized by Law of inter-municipal companies.
The full name of the company is Interkommunalt arkiv i Vest-Agder IKS.

IKAVA is owned by all the municipalities in Vest-Agder county: Audnedal, Farsund, Flekkefjord, Hægebostad, Kristiansand, Kvinesdal, Lindesnes, Lyngdal, Mandal, Marnardal, Sirdal, Songdalen, Søgne, Vennesla, Åseral and Vest-Agder county.

Our services

IKAVA is responsible for cataloguing the owners old archives and ensure proper storage of the material, as well as make the material available for the public.
We also do education, councelling and guidance in archival systems, routines and planning for our owners.

Depot services

IKAVA runs a common depot service for all of our owners old archives. This includes both paper based and electronic archives.

Work ethics

IKAVA follows the ICA Code of Ethics. Read more about these guidelines here.

Reading room

Our reading room is open Monday through Friday, at the following times:
September 1. – April 30.: Monday, Thursday and Friday 09.00 – 15.00, Tuesday and Wednesday 09.00-18.00
May 1 – August 31.: Monday – Friday  09.00 – 15.00
December 1. – December 31.: Monday – Friday 09.00 – 15.00

Contact information

Office address: Märthas vei 1, 4633 Kristiansand
Mail address:    Märthas vei 1, 4633 Kristiansand
Telephone:       38 14 55 91 (add the prefix +47 if calling from outside of Norway)
E-mail:             ikava@ikava.va.no